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WorldChanging combines humanitarian action with films and campaigns that build heart-aligned audiences. Our ultimate goal is to give a platform to children who are denied their own voice in society. We are trained and credentialed to work in crisis areas when necessary.


Feature Length Films

WorldChanging produces feature length documentary films that capture our hearts & imagination while exploring humanity's hardest problems.

Freedom & Justice

We provide backup supports for our field partners in need of rapid solutions: intervention, security, investigations and fundraising.

Shorts & Education

We produce independent journalism segments and series for news media providers, as well as supplemental shorts for K12 programming.

Features in Education

We've filmed in over 100 schools in the last 15 years. Our mission is straightforward: to inspire young people to pursue humanitarian careers.

WorldChanging Media

Our media arm (that finds, develops and amplify ideas with world-changing potential) has been placed on hold. We hope to have news soon related to the various conferences and U.N. initiatives that have been entered sleep mode during COVID.

Random Cuts


Batey Girl Film Trailer (sensitive content)


Chattahoochee School Film Trailer


Katie Godkin Morales Interview


Acceptance vs Tolerance

@United Nations / New School

Love Your Melon

Skyler Griswold

Democracy And Nature

Social Emotional Learning


Tobias Elementary


Ridiculously Amazing


Growth Mindset


Mashburn Elementary

@U.S. Institute of Peace

Crash Course On The USIP

NEXUS USA Summit Trailer

A KKK Member Meets a Muslim Refugee

Feeding The World

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