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WorldChanging combines front line humanitarian assistance with feature-length film productions, developing documentaries and independent news media content to directly respond to child abuse, trafficking and exploitation. We operate worldwide and carry UN, PPG, and IPPA press accreditation. 


Feature Length Films

WorldChanging produces feature length documentary films that capture our hearts & imagination while exploring humanity's hardest problems.

Freedom & Justice

We provide backup supports for our field partners in need of rapid solutions: intervention, security, investigations and fundraising.

Shorts & Education

WorldChanging produces independent video journalism segments and series for news media providers. This includes the docu-series "UnBoxing"

Features in Education

We've filmed in over 100 schools in the last 15 years. From documenting culture shifts to youth voice initiatives, our work in K12 stays front & center.

WorldChanging Media

We're also journalists, creatives and consultants that find, develop and amplify ideas with world-changing potential.

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